Air is life – time for our decentralised ventilation system

decentralised ventilation system for healthy fresh air

Air is the purest elixir of life. Even more so in today’s world, where we spend the greater part of our lives in enclosed spaces, the right air quality plays a critical role. But how can this be achieved? Quite simply with our innovative freeAir 100e ventilation system, to which you can optimally add the freeAir plus transfer unit. This decentralised ventilation system with heat recovery allows you to create a healthy indoor climate – in new builds, renovation projects and in the commercial sector. See the economic, structural and pro-health benefits of our decentralised ventilation system for yourself.

And this is how our ventilation system works:

The freeAir ventilation system combines the benefits of centralised and decentralised ventilation units. It does without incoming air ducts and as a rule needs only one external wall opening. The system consists of the freeAir 100e external wall unit and the freeAir plus transfer unit. Both appliances work completely independently, controlled by sensors, and together make the perfect team for domestic ventilation. The freeAir 100e ventilation unit is certified both as a centralised and a decentralised ventilation unit according to EN 13141-7 and EN 13141-8.
Unlike comparable ventilation systems, the freeAir 100e features an integrated sensor control system. This measures CO2, temperature and humidity for several areas in the building. The consequence? Thoroughly precise and demand-based ventilation.
The freeAir ventilation system not only extracts used indoor air, but at the same time also lets healthy fresh air flow into your rooms from outside.

But never worry about too much cold air: Because in accordance with the ingenious principle of heat recovery, the freeAir 100e ventilation unit heats up the inflowing fresh air. This way you are supplied with pleasant air even in winter.
In addition, the intelligent freeAir plus transfer unit determines the air quality in adjoining rooms and ensures the air is exchanged at the right time. This fan fitted in the partition wall enhances the freeAir 100e ventilation unit in a unique way. Other rooms are connected to the domestic ventilation system without any ventilation ducts.

Greater energy efficiency through effective heat recovery

At the heart of our ventilation unit is the highly efficient heat exchanger, which is otherwise used in centralised systems. This facilitates the heat recovery of more than 90 % from the used, extracted air. This is used to heat the fresh air supplied from outside.

The heat recovery process makes use of the counter flow principle: Warm room air and cold outside air flow past each other in separate ducts – their temperatures converge, which leads to a highly efficient heat recovery process.

The thermal efficiency of heat recovery as per EN 13141-7 and EN 13141-8 is a remarkable 86 %. A considerable proportion of the heating energy can be saved thanks to this efficient heat recovery. Besides the great heat recovery, two other aspects ensure the outstanding energy efficiency of the freeAir ventilation system: The low operating power demand as well as the option of cascade ventilation.

The low heating demand also allows decisive advantages for the building energy certificate and the KfW funding category. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

• Decentralised ventilation unit with a more efficient heat recovery level of over 90 %
• Counter flow principle in the highly efficient heat exchanger for greater efficiency
• 86 % thermal efficiency of heat recovery
• Certification in accordance with EN 13141-7 and EN 13141-8
• Remarkable saving on heating costs
• Low operating power demand
• Option of cascade ventilation

Decentralised ventilation system with integrated sensor control

With today’s airtight construction methods, pure window ventilation is no longer sufficient to ensure the required minimum air exchange. A good thing then that our freeAir 100e ventilation unit supplies your interior with sufficient fresh air 365 days a year – and does so in a way that is adapted to your individual needs.
The freeAir ventilation unit features eight integrated sensors as standard: one sensor each for CO2 and air pressure, two humidity sensors as well as four temperature sensors. The sensors provide you with several benefits and have one objective: fresh air at all times!

Demand-based control using eight sensors

The demand-based sensor control constantly measures and regulates key air parameters. The sensors fitted on the ventilation system with heat recovery ensure that the required amount of fresh and preheated outside air permanently flows into residential and business premises, whilst simultaneously extracting used air.

The ventilation system automatically detects changes in the air quality, thereby optimising the supply of air and adjusting the ventilation to your individual needs. This ensures a healthy indoor climate and a constantly pleasant air quality. Further, the integrated sensor control system makes external ducts, boxes and control units superfluous.

The sensor-controlled demand-based system also prevents over-ventilation and eliminates mildew and air that is too damp or too dry.

Energy-efficient ventilation system

The energy efficiency of the ventilation unit is also remarkable: the freeAir ventilation system works with low power as soon as there are no persons in the building. Not only does this considerably reduce the energy required to ventilate the living space – you also save valuable heating energy. It is no wonder then that the freeAir ventilation system with heat recovery received the top grade A+ pursuant to the 2016 EU Ecodesign Directive and was certified for passive houses in 2014.

Shhh. Can you hear the ventilation system?

The sensor-controlled regulation technology and the modern radial fans generate minimal sound emissions. Added to this is a very high noise insulation level, from which you benefit during the day and especially at night when sleeping.

Long-life filters protect against dust

The considerably longer filter service life is another plus point of the freeAir ventilation system: With demand control, the air exchange rate often drops to values below 0.2/h during normal use in the living area due to occupancy times. That saves energy and makes the filters last longer. Talking of filters: The high-quality filters of class ePM10 or optionally ePM1 protect against harmful fine dust and pollen.

You will find all the technical details in this PDF available to download free of charge.

Don’t build castles in the air – build economically!

1. More efficiency

The heating energy saved in relation to the operating energy requirement is particularly good with the freeAir 100e ventilation unit. This is due to the highly efficient heat recovery, the unique demand-based supply using eight sensors as well as the very low operating energy of 4 watts on average.

2. Simpler planning and construction

Reduce your planning and installation costs: Compared to centralised ventilation systems, the freeAir ventilation system makes do with a fraction of the ventilation ducts. You also require far fewer devices and wall openings than with strictly decentralised systems – because with just one freeAir 100e ventilation unit, one external wall opening and one exhaust air duct, you supply a flat with fresh air.

3. Earlier completion due to efficient integration in the construction process

It is possible to move in early! Find out here how it can be done: In the first step, the sturdy bare brickwork set (with optional second room connections) is installed. The electrician then connects the power supply line in the wall box. No other sensors and switches are needed. During the last stage of construction, the external covers are fitted and the freeAir ventilation unit is pushed into the wall insert. There is no need for time-consuming adjustments. You only need to set the room size and the connected duct cross-section for the extract duct once with DIP switches when the system is put into operation. The automatic dehumidification function ensures a pleasant feel-good climate immediately after installation.

• Delivery of the sturdy bare brickwork set (with optional second room connections)
• Connection of the power supply line in the wall box – no other sensors and switches are needed
• Assembly of the external covers
• The freeAir ventilation system is simply pushed into the wall box – no need for tedious adjustments
• Pleasant air quality straight after moving in

4. Automatic humidity management

The humidity and temperature sensors included in the ventilation unit help to balance out excess humidity and prevent overventilation in winter. In this way you will effectively prevent structural damage such as mildew. The freeAir ventilation system is also ideally suited for dehumidifying basements.

5. More floor space

As a “control centre in the outer wall”, our decentralised ventilation system does not take up any space in the utility room, helping you to save valuable floor space and hard cash.

6. A ventilation system for various applications

Whether it is for a renovation project or new build, a prefabricated or solid construction, our freeAir ventilation system is suitable for all construction methods. In each case the tried-and-tested freeAir 100e ventilation unit is used. We have developed our bare brickwork set for various applications and adapted it for the relevant construction method.

Our aesthetic ventilation system brings a breath of fresh air into the home

We at bluMartin have high standards when it comes to structural aesthetics. That is why we also place particular emphasis on the design of our ventilation system with heat recovery. Our living space ventilation, for example, stands out due to its timeless style. Even better, the freeAir ventilation system with an internal front of 28 x 58 cm is very compact. What is more, the front panel can be individually designed. Thanks to the practical one-button operation, handling the fresh air system is very simple. All comfort programmes are automatically run with the press of a button.

As individual as your building style

Because it is possible to supply a small flat or several rooms in a larger residential unit with just one ventilation unit, you can make do with very few wall openings. Hence you can integrate the freeAir domestic ventilation system into your building design unobtrusively. Different solutions for the external cover and the option of integrating the ventilation openings in the window reveal ensure an elegant appearance – whether on modern new builds or old listed buildings.

• Compact dimensions of the internal front: 28 x 58 cm
• Individual design solutions
• Minimum of wall openings
• Elegant appearance for new and old buildings
• With intuitive single-button operation on the front of the unit

freeAir plus: The active air transfer unit with many plus points

The intelligent freeAir plus transfer unit enhances the freeAir 100e ventilation unit in a unique way. This active air transfer unit gives you the option of connecting other rooms to the domestic ventilation system according to the controlled cascading principle without any ventilation ducts. Like the freeAir 100e ventilation unit, the freeAir plus also works on a demand basis, in this case with three sensors for VOC, humidity and temperature. It is quite impressive that the energy-efficient transfer unit makes do with only 1 watt of operating energy.

• Connection of other rooms to the domestic ventilation system without any ventilation ducts
• Controlled cascading principle
• Demand-based operation using three sensors for VOC, humidity and temperature

With the freeAir Connect software, you can conveniently control your ventilation system

With the intuitive freeAir Connect software, you have full control over your ventilation system with heat recovery. Keep an eye on the performance figures, the air quality and energy savings at all times. You can download the freeAir Connect software free of charge here.

With freeAir Connect Wifi, the freeAir ventilation system can now be conveniently controlled via smartphone with WLAN connectivity. Automatic service emails give you peace of mind.

The bluHome Connect controller for smart buildings

Buildings are becoming increasingly intelligent. This is what the bluHome Connect was developed for. The controller acts as an interface and integrates the freeAir ventilation units with the building management system. Ventilation-relevant readings for each unit are reflected on the building management system and the data can be used for evaluations of the energy balance. A smart service, for large building projects in particular and for every facility management system.

freeAir premium cover – And the noise disappears into thin air

Would you like perfect quiet at night? Then the freeAir premium cover is just the thing for you. This practical addition to the freeAir 100e ventilation unit allows you to reduce the sound pressure level in the room by 12 decibels. Your domestic ventilation system operates particularly quietly with this, which helps you get a good night’s rest.

Ready for your decentralised ventilation system? We are happy to help you!

Whether it is the high energy efficiency, the sophisticated heat recovery, the discreet design or the economic installation: as a ventilation system with heat recovery, the unique combination of freeAir 100e and freeAir plus impresses across the line. So if you are faced with a new build, a conversion or a renovation project, opt for quality – opt for our freeAir ventilation system. If you have any questions about economic efficiency, installation, how it works or anything else, we are always at your disposal. Simply use our telephone hotline and our contact form for this purpose.